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"Our patent-pending
cutter blades were originally developed for early adopters of robotic tip dressing in the
automotive industry"
- Joe Seme

Serving the Automotive Market

Tip dressing technology emerged in the 1980s with the use of robotics in manufacturing, particularly in the automotive industry. Since then, we’ve been at the forefront of developing patent-pending cutter blades
for resistance welding tip dressers. Our continued innovations over the last decade have resulted in improved performance stability and consistent high-quality manufacturing tolerances, which are beneficial to both product and manufacturing engineers.

By providing tighter control of the electrode shape and diameter, our tip dressing cutters help improve cosmetic appearance and weld quality, while reducing weld flash. Automotive designs that require custom weld tip geometry are made possible by the use of our innovative tip dressing cutters. They also allow for greater flexibility in combining metals of varying thickness, as well as custom automotive welding applications using advanced steels, aluminum and unique welds.

Manufacturing Engineering

Our patent-pending cutters improve the service life of the weld guns, so tip changes may be less frequent and more carefully planned to minimize throughput interruptions. The unique hugger design of our tip dressing cutters also offers these additional benefits to automotive manufacturers.

  • Elimination of cap break-in periods

  • Ability to use one common, pre-dressed electrode tip

  • Tighter control of weld nugget size and appearance

  • Better control of weld flash and build-up

  • Reduction of sharp burrs on weld surfaces

  • Consistent ultrasonic testing of welds

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