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Our Company
Cutter Solutions International, LLC

Cutter Solutions International was founded in July 2012 by Joe and Nancy Seme. Joe has developed several cutting tool innovations in tip dressing, including the co-development of the current tip dressing system for General Motors, which features a single-piece, four-blade cutter (patent-pending) with a hugger-style design.

The Inventor: Joe Seme


As the co-founder of Cutter Solutions International, Joe Seme has extensive experience in the development of innovative tip dressing cutters and holder assemblies used in robotic spot welding. His patent-pending single-piece, four-blade cutter design with hugger trim tabs has been proven to last three times longer than traditional cutters, while also reducing chatter and electrode bounce, improving chip management, and facilitating tip dressing at higher angles.

A member of the resistance welding industry for the last 50 years, Joe originally co-developed his patent-pending hugger style cutter for General Motors. Today, this innovated tip dress cutter is adapted for all types of automatic electrode tip dressers as either replacement
cutters, or complete cutter and holder assemblies.


"Our innovations in tip dressing yield
greater control and consistency,
while extending your tip dressing service life."
- Joe Seme

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